07 July 2009

Can't a Girl Have a Glass of Wine

When you are on pain medication the answer to that question is a resounding NO. Add muscle relaxants to the formula and the No becomes a deafening NO. So it would stand to reason that given how today has gone, all I really want is to curl up on my couch with a book and a glass of wine and relax. The wine my friends, is not destined to happen tonight. Let's backtrack through my weekend shall we...

Saturday, 7:30pm
In anticipation of working at J.Jill all day Sunday and working at Duke on Monday and J.Jill Monday night, I attempt to iron my clothes for the week to kind of get ahead of the game. Unfortunately my iron had other ideas and decided Saturday night was the perfect opportunity to die and leak water all over the ironing board. Sigh.

Sunday, 8am
Run to Target, procure new iron. Woohoo. Although, kind of anticlimactic to spend money on the small appliance that will help you do the chore you detest.

Sunday 8:30am
Have breakfast. Shortly thereafter start to feel incredibly sick (it was only cereal and skim milk) and need to curl up in bed.

Sunday 10am
Realize the nausea will not pass and call J.Jill to say I can't work :(

Spend most of Sunday laying in bed watching the best Wimbledon final. But still feel lousy.

Sunday, 7pm
Start to feel better so I decided it would be a good time to start to prep my lunches for the week by slicing strawberries and storing them in little containers in the fridge. As I bent to get the mini tupperware from the cabinet, the most excruciating pain I have ever experienced ripped through my lower back. I wanted to CURL UP ON THE FLOOR AND DIE. Okay, so the dying part was extreme, but it hurt like the dickens. I manage to right myself and finish the strawberries and made it to my room where I collapsed into bed.

Monday, 6am
Getting out of bed and going to work was not an option. I was still in agony. I hardly slept given that everytime I rolled over, my back screamed in pain. I called out of work and called my doctors office and managed to get an appointment for 9:30am.

Monday, 10am
Prescriptions in hand and words of caution from my doctor (only take these when you are going to be home and NO ALCOHOL) I head to Target to get my prescriptions filled.

Monday, 12pm
Am home, propped on the sofa with the heating pad and my laptop because, OH YES, FRESHMAN REGISTRATION IS THIS WEEK. And I had things to do before the first group registered on Tuesday.

I made it through my emails, napped for a bit, ate some dinner, took the lovely pills the doctor prescribed and nodded off for the night.

Tuesday, 6am
My alarm went off and my back felt surprisingly okay. Moving was okay, sitting for long periods, eh not so much. But I could manage. I got ready for work and got to Duke in time for staff meeting, manager's meeting, and some final prep before the window opened.

Tuesday, 11:50am
We started getting some calls from students who couldn't access the registration site and it kind of snowballed from there - access issues, waitlist problem. Fortunately none of the issues were on our end, but we still end up dealing with the calls and helping figure out the problem and the best way to address it. So I ended up on a conference call for 2.5 hours with an hour break for lunch, a half hour to check on voicemail and follow up before I was back on a conference call at 4pm.

So it was one of those days. And since my back is starting to ache from sitting most of the day, I will need to take one of the pain pills and one of the muscle relaxants at bedtime. Which means no wine tonight. If all goes well tomorrow though, I may be able to indulge in a glass, finally.

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Anonymous said...

I'd still consider the wine. There's no such thing as too many relaxants.

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