29 June 2009

Blind Date - part 2

It was nice. We had a good time. He was a good Southern Boy and picked me up and walked me to my door after. The conversation never lagged and I didn't have to carry it either. Can y'all sense the "but" that's about to follow though? It was nice - that's the best thing I can say about it. There was no spark, no chemistry, nothing that made me think, "I have to go out with him again". I know what that feels like. I haven't felt it in a little while - but there's that rush, the anticipation of MY GOSH HE JUST HAS TO CALL, and talking at any hour for whatever reason. Although I would like to get married and more importantly have a child, I don't want to settle. I want the zing.


Mouchois said...

Good thing you aren't rushing it.
Kudos to you for that. :D
I've learned the hard way that if you just settle nothing good comes to you.
Keep on keeping on!

Sean said...

I'm sorry that the blind date didn't go as you hoped. Would a second date in a not as awkward environment help?

HubbleSpacePaws said...

I'll second Caring! Keep on gettin' out there. But make sure steak comes with the sizzle.
(And there's nothing wrong with a nice evening of getting to know a nice man... that's never a waste of time!)

Michelle said...

I'm glad you had a nice time, sorry there wasn't any chemistry though!

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