26 May 2009


I was doing so well. Doggone it I was ready to step up to Level 2 on Jillian's 30 day shred. Inevitably something was going to go amiss. That thing was me. Last Monday I slipped and fell while at Moe's picking up my dinner. I twisted my ankle and whacked my knee pretty good. I already had an existing appointment with my doctor to go over my cholesterol meds and vitamin D levels, so I had her check it out. So of course her verdict was a mild sprain with no tearing (yeah!) but no strenuous physical activity for a week (boo). Fortunately my apartment complex has a gym so I was able to walk on the treadmill and do some incline workouts. The ankle feels back to normal and I will be getting back to Jillian's workout on Friday.

My lovely darlings are hanging in there. Kate had her yearly vet appointment on Saturday and she came through like a champ even though she had a few moments of panic when some very very very large dogs started barking in the lobby. Jack has been a little off lately. He's been hissing at Kate, which he hasn't done for months. I thought maybe he wasn't feeling well so I took him in to see the vet today. She couldn't see anything wrong, so she gave me some ideas to help Jack not hiss at Kate anymore. I feel bad for Katie because when Jack is mean to her she looks at me with her big sad eyes as if to ask, "What did I do wrong? Why is he being mean to me?" My poor baby.

Work is good. I had a couple of quiet weeks, but things are picking up speed now as I get ready for freshman registration. I am only in the office for 2 days next week. Michaela is getting married! Woohoo!!! I am so excited for her and Michael. Michaela has been one of my best friends since we were 15 years old. I can't believe the wedding is actually here already. I feel like she just called me last week to tell me she was engaged. I am 90% ready for the wedding. I am just waiting for my shoes to arrive. I pick up the dress on Friday night after work. My only dilemma - I have no idea what to do with my hair for the wedding. Ideas? Thoughts? Suggestions? I am open to any and all ideas.


Sean said...

I think you should put your hair up. Or maybe keep it down. Actually, I'm probably the worst person to ask about hair. My main recommendation is not to have Jack and Kate do your hair!

Heather M said...

Hang in there! You will be back on track in no time. I took 9 days off with being on vacation ... so I think I am back down to level-1 again myself!

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