07 April 2009

A Moment of Honesty

My gosh. I have struggled with my weight since I was younger. I've never been satisfied with my appearance and have yo-yo'd up and down (mostly up) for as long as I can remember. It's been difficult too because I can't pinpoint that there was anything that I was doing wrong. I wasn't eating fast food all the time, I was eating a pretty well balanced diet (as balanced as a girl can get when she only likes the following fruits and veggies - corn, green beans, berries, green apples, grapes, and bananas), but I couldn't control the weight. I've been working with my doctor on this for over a year and we've been stumped. She tested a bunch of things, which came back normal.

On my most recent visit she did labs on my cholesterol and something called C reactive proteins. Both are high. We all know what the cholesterol is but I was stumped on the C reactive proteins. What a high reading on that means is that my body is essentially inflamed. I asked her how something like that happens and she said people who have auto-immune diseases tend to show high levels. You know, things such as lupus, psoriasis, or eczema. I stopped her there and explained that I had psoriasis on my scalp from the time I was 11 until a few years ago. Since it had been years since I had psoriasis, I never mentioned it on my medical history. At that point all the pieces clicked for her. She said that the inflammation can have a negative effect on your metabolism and thus people with said inflammation also can have a difficult time losing weight. It also made sense for me because around 5th grade is when I remember first starting to struggle with my weight. She put me on a statin which I wasn't thrilled about, but all of the holistic approaches I had tried for the past 5 years hadn't really worked at lowering my cholesterol. With the inflammation stuff thrown into the mix, I figured maybe now was the time to say okay to it.

I've been on it for almost a month. Since then I've also rejoined Weight Watchers. I've already lost 6 pounds in 2 weeks. The last time I was on WW, it took 3 months to lose 6 pounds. So here is where the moment of honesty comes in. I'm going to start posting my losses (and any gains) on the blog. Not that I don't think I will keep with the program, but putting it out there for the world to see just adds another layer of personal accountability. I feel like this time, the goal is actually in reach.


Mom said...

It was good news to me when you told me that your Dr. had found those results. Now that you have an answer, you can now work in the right direction with the help of your Dr.
I am sure that this is the beginning of your journey to feeling better health-wise and about yourself.
I love you-

Anonymous said...

You should check out www.sparkpeople.com - it's a web site & community with tons of advice for weight loss/healthy things. I really like it - you can blog, you can post what works for you, you can get advice from others, there are articles, etc. etc.

(P.S. You'd left a comment on thedairiburger and I just kind of clicked out of boredom...hope you're not creeped out ;) )

Kim said...

Congrats on the weight loss! I love weight watchers. I really need to get back on the program! Oh btw....I saw your post on blueberry eyes and saw you lived in nc. I do too!

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