08 March 2009

Lazy Weekend

The weather here in North Carolina is absolutely gorgeous. I am taking full advantage of not having a gosh darn thing to do this weekend. I went out yesterday morning and bought a chair for my balcony so I could sit outside and soak it all in. And I did. It was a perfect 78 degrees with a light breeze. Today is supposed to be even warmer. I've gotten all of the house cleaning and errands out of the way so I can enjoy another afternoon out in the sun. The kitties are enjoying it too. I've opened all the windows and they are pleased as punch to sit in the window sills and soak up the sunshine. Jack has always loved sitting in the window. Katie is now discovering it too. I wish my apartment had a screened in balcony so they could sit out there with me.

For the moment, I am going to enjoy the America's Next Top Model marathon. I have a little bit of work to do, so I'm going to get that taken care of. After lunch, the sunshine beckons...

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Lisa said...

Hey Nichole, there is nothing better than having a relaxing weekend with great weather, a balcony to unwind and enjoy the sun and the views. Jack and Kate must LOVE the fresh air, as Tess does too. Some day when I retire I hope to have a condo somewhere warm. ENJOY!!! Love You!! Auntie Lisa

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