18 March 2009


I am in! I received my letter of acceptance from NCSU yesterday. Starting in Fall 2009, I will be a doctoral student in Higher Education Administration. And another red school. All of the schools I have received degrees in have had a shade of red as their school color. Its not intentional, but a fun coincidence nonetheless. I am very excited about going back to school and have some trepidations as well. I'm super nervous about writing my dissertation. There are a couple of reasons for this: 1) I have no idea what I am going to research; and 2) that is a lot of writing. The longest thing I've ever written academically (and non-academically) was 45 pages. A dissertation is about three times as long, at least. I need to put that out of my head for now. Fall registration is right around the corner and I am swamped at work. I can't lose my head worrying about school when I haven't even started yet. For now, I am going to revel in the excitement of being accepted.


Mom said...

Congratulations!!! I am sure that you will come up with a great idea for your dissertation. It will come to you when you least expect it!
I love you-

Lisa said...

Congratulations!!! YOU GO WOMAN!!!
Love You
Auntie Lisa
P.S. I LOVE reading your blog!!

Sean said...

Congratulations! Please keep us posted how it's going.

Oh, happy belated birthday to Jack!

Michelle said...

I'm sorry I'm so far behind! Still wanted to say a big congratulations to you! How very exciting! Good luck with that disseration; I can't imagine writing anything so long!

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