04 December 2008

New Goal: 5k

I know this post doesn't contain pics of the new apartment, but my new couch and tables will be here on Friday and I wanted to wait so you all wouldn't see pictures of my bare living room. I have Saturday completely off so the aforementioned promised pictures will come then.

In the meantime...my new complex has a fitness center. This fitness center has a couple of treadmills. I had started running when I worked at Bentley, which seems like ages ago now. I hit the treadmill for the first time in many moons this morning and it felt good. My new goal is to run a 5k in June. Raleigh hosts the Race for the Cure 5k in June and I want to run. Not run/walk, run. Seeing as how it's been years and I am woefully out of shape, I needed to start at the beginning. Fortunately Cool Running has a great Couch to 5k program. I am at week one. It's a nine week program so by early Spring I should be just about there. Which gives me time to then get to 5k outside. It is very different to run outside than it is on the treadmill.

My thought was if I have a goal, I'll keep at it. My other goal is Michaela's wedding. My best friend of 15 years is getting married in June and I am bridesmaid in the wedding. And I want to look good. Not just for her and all the wedding pictures, but for me too. I've known Michaela since I was in 4th grade and she was in my Girl Scout troop. Her mom was the cookie mom (she had all of the boxes of cookies delivered to her and she then packaged the orders and gave them back to the scouts - by all accounts Mrs. Cadden hated being the cookie mom and I don't blame her).

I also have another wedding in August. My friend Matt is getting married! I've known him since my sophomore year of college. We met through NEACURH (stories for another time) and have been friends ever since. He's been like a younger brother, except he's about 8 inches taller than me. I am so happy that he's found the right girl and is getting married. It's in Minneapolis, so maybe when I am in town I'll be able to swing a bit of time and visit with Melinda and Jorma and the ever adorable baby Elsa.

So yes - many reasons to get back in shape and stay on course. Most importantly I'm doing it for me. I like how running makes me feel and I want to be fit and healthy. What better reasons are there?

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Michelle said...

good luck with your 5k goal!

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