23 December 2008

Christmastime is Here

One of the best Christmas albums out there is the soundtrack to "A Charlie Brown Christmas" (also one of the best Christmas specials). I've been listening to it all morning. Christmastime is indeed here. The malls are packed, the streets were packed last night, and Target was bustling even at 8pm last night when I was grocery shopping. On a side note...you folks in RI need a Super Target. It is the best place to grocery shop.

Today is my last day in the office for the week. Unfortunately I am not traveling home for Christmas. Not to worry, dear family, I have had several invitations here in the Durham area. One of my staff members has invited me to Christmas Eve service at their church and I've been invited to Christmas dinner at my boss's house. On the flip side - we have no snow here in North Carolina. I do not envy you northerners all the shoveling you've had to do this past week. In honor of Christmas, here is Linus, to share what Christmas is all about.

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