14 November 2008

A Somewhat Normal Weekend

Registration is done! Over, finite, completed. Well, almost. There are a couple of business school registration windows, but those occur during the normal business hours I have become accustomed to. No more 6:30am conference calls until March. Fortunately this only happens twice a year. I actually have a somewhat normal weekend coming up. I have to work tomorrow at Target from 10-6 and on Sunday from 10-6, but I have both my weekend nights to myself and I don't have to get up early either morning. That has not happened once since I started working at there 3 months ago. The even better news? I have next Friday off. I haven't had a Friday night off in forever either. My first instinct with this scheduling wonder was to hit up a movie, go out, do something. But my rational logical side has kicked in and I am going to push back seeing Quantum of Solace (I heart Daniel Craig) until next Friday night. I need need need to cram more for my GRE which is scheduled for Wednesday. I studied the algebra section so long ago I don't remember it anymore. The geometry stuff is way easier and I was always better at geometry anyway (thanks Sr. Terry!). We have drenching rain here today, so hopefully that means everyone will stay home tonight and Target will be quiet. It would be fabulous to get out by 10:30. I won't have many more 10:30 nights - the holiday hours are coming up fast. Anyway...here is a little Bond for you all to get you through the weekend. Okay, it's not exactly James Bond, it's Eddie Izzard talking about Bond, but it's a hysterical clip (as is pretty much anything that comes out of his mouth) and worth the viewing.

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