19 October 2008

Tomorrow is the Day

Tomorrow is it - the pre-cursor to the big test. The students start the beginning stages of registration in the new system. I am a little anxious, we really went down to the wire testing some new features to make the system a little easier to navigate. It looks good - I am keeping my fingers crossed that everything works the way its supposed to. At some point you just have to let go, come 8am tomorrow morning it is pretty much out of my hands.

I broke down and turned the heat on tonight. I came in from work tonight and the house was just chilled. I turned it on for a bit just to take the bite out of the air. When I crawled into bed last night it was so chilly in the house. It reminded me of my last night in New York before I started work at Bentley. There was basically no heat in my building. Michaela and I had driven down to Queens to pick up the last of my belongings. It was about 52 degrees in the apartment. I slept in my clothes with a flannel bathrobe over them and burrowed under the covers on my bed. I don't know how Michaela survived on the couch. It was brutal. It wasn't quite that cold last night, but it was bad enough to have me remembering that night.

Update - we've decided to push back the opening day until Tuesday...still a couple of kinks to work out...

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