06 October 2008

No New Gossip Girl

Okay, I have 2 tv vices (shows that I cringe a little inside admitting to). One being America's Next Top Model and the other being Gossip Girl. GG is the best show you aren't watching. Leighton Meester as Blair and Ed Westwick as Chuck light up the tv. They have the best lines and are completely worth watching the show for. It can be a little trashy and a little over the top, but it's my guilty pleasure on Monday nights. Unfortunately, there was no new episode tonight :( After a long weekend at Target, I was looking forward to relaxing and indulging a little.

And here I will show my age - the actress who plays Serena (she was also in Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants) is the sister of Robyn Lively who played Louise in Teen Witch, one of my all time favorite cheesy 80s movies. It ranks right up there with The Pirate Movie and Grease 2. Stop laughing, I am being totally serious here - I love those movies. I have all three on DVD. Before you cast aspersions on my movie viewing, keep in mind my sister and brother love them too, so it has to be genetic.

So here is my shameless plug for GG - Monday nights at 8pm on the CW. You can also catch episodes on the CW website. You know you want to. xoxo...

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