03 October 2008


Okay y'all, for those of you who read posts from the summer, you know that we had a major upgrade of our student information this summer. Overall the upgrade went well. Some complaints, seniors hate it, whatever. I wasn't nervous about it until now. Student registration for Spring starts in a few weeks. THIS IS MY JOB. This is what I do everyday - I oversee all student registration. This is the first major registration in the new system. It's only my second major registration overall. I have a sinking feeling that all is not going to go off with out a hitch. There will be hitches. How big? I don't know. Hopefully not so big that we have to shut down registration - that would just not be good for so many different reasons. So I'm a little stressed about this.

In other nervous news, I've signed up for the GRE (finally). November 19, 2008 is when I will be taking the test. This gives me roughly 6 weeks to further shore up my math skills. My application materials are due January 20. Once the GRE is taken I will be 90% done with the application. I also need to write my "about me" piece which also should include my research focus. Ummm, yeah, don't have one yet. I have no clue what I want to research when I go back to school. Yes it will be education related, and most likely registration/records related, but what? Any ideas? Inspiration hasn't struck and it needs to...soon.

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