09 October 2008

CSI is back!

The new season of CSI premieres tonight! Woohoo!!! I've loved this show since day one. I am a little disappointed that they are bringing Sara Sidle back because she grates on my nerves something fierce. I much prefer Grissom with Lady Heather (who, I hear through the grapevine, will be making an appearance this season). But the show isn't about the romances, please, that is an afterthought. It's about the crimes and the interaction between the cast. We'll see how that dynamic is affected when William Peterson leaves the show and Lawrence Fishburne takes his place. That should be interesting. It's a shame they killed off Liev Schreiber's character last season - I would definitely watch more of him.

Grey's Anatomy is supposed to be really good tonight too - thank goodness for tivo! I also hear ER has had kind of a resurgence in its final year, so I may tivo that as well just to see what the fuss is about.

Yes, I am a tv junkie, but I also have never been one to just sit and park myself in front of the tv (ask my mom). I'll be reading or cleaning or researching on the interwebs while the t v is on. The researching and cleaning have happened as I matured and had other responsibilities. When I was a kid it was a book...always a book. I'd read at the kitchen table during dinner if my mom let me. Anyhow, CSI is on tonight...tune in because it's going to be good.

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