04 October 2008

Consider This Saturday's Post...

I worked at Target tonight and we got out very late. For some reason the clothing departments got shopped hard and I didn't leave until 11:30. We also had someone from our department call out, so I was supposed to be in 2 different areas all night. I didn't get to the second one until after the store closed. So this post is late.

The new Nancy Drew game came in the mail yesterday. If I wasn't working at Target, I probably would have solved it by now. I love these games. It's not a shoot-em-up or a multi-player game. You get to play as Nancy and solve a mystery by collecting clues, solving puzzles, and talking to characters. There have been 19 games all together and I've played them all. I loved the Nancy Drew books as a young reader and this gives me a chance to relive some of the enjoyment I had reading those books. And the games are fun (and quite challenging at times). It's too late now to play, but I hopefully will get a chance tomorrow night after dinner. If you're interested in the game (or the Nancy Drew series in general), check out Her Interactive.

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