12 October 2008

Blogging from Burlington

I am here in Vermont. It's gorgeous. As I was walking back from my conference to the hotel I am staying at, the mountains were in plain view in the skyline. It's pretty breathtaking. Since the day was cloudless, as we landed in Burlington, you could see all of the colors of the leaves from the plane. The conference I am at is an interesting one. It focuses on legal issues in higher education, which is something that I am always fascinated with. I am hoping to be struck by inspiration regarding research for my doctorate.

Back to Burlington, VT. I spent a week here one summer when my Auntie Lorri and Uncle Larry used to live up here. Carolyn and I came up during the summer. We had a blast. Carolyn and I would get lost (not literally) in the mall while my aunt and uncle worked during the day. I remember we would go into the Hallmark store and we'd come up with a scenario, like Father's Day - Uncle Roger, and we'd have to go in search of the perfect card. I'm surprised mall security didn't kick us out. At night we would could dinner with Auntie Lorri. I liked Burlington then and I still like it now. Who knows, it could be on my list of New England cities I would move to when I move back here after I'm finished with school. There are a few schools up here - UVM and St. Michael's.

I'm off to bed soon - I got about 3 hours of sleep last night after another late night at Target. we got out at 11:45 and I hadn't even started packing yet, so I didn't get to bed until close to 1am and my alarm was set for 4. Yawn. I want to be bright eyed and bushy-tailed when I go to my sessions tomorrow.

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Mom said...

The foliage must be beautiful!! Take pictures!!

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