18 October 2008

Another Saturday Night

It as another late night at Target tonight. We didn't get out until 11:30. I did manage to make it home in time to see the end of the Red Sox game. I swear, they have turned coming from behind into an art form. Hopefully they can pull out the win tomorrow night.

As far as Saturday's go, this one was pretty uneventful. I did some laundry, I took Jack to have his claws trimmed. I changed the quilt on the bed to a comforter (it gets cold at night and I am not turning the heat on yet). I watched some college football and that was about it. I am working tomorrow night so I don't have much on tap for Sunday either - some GRE studying and a little cleaning.

I have to say, working at Target gives me some time to think about anything and everything. Unless I am helping a guest, I pretty much don't have to think about what I'm doing while I'm on the floor. So tonight I was thinking about a former boyfriend who I miss very much. He was a really great person and a great friend. Our timing at that point was not right though and it didn't work out. I hear from him occasionally. I wish it were more frequent. It's funny sometimes the thoughts that randomly pop into your head. Had he and I stayed together, my life would probably be very different right now. I'd probably be married and perhaps have a child. I most likely would not be in North Carolina. I know the decision I made at the time was the right one. I just wonder sometimes if I had to do it all over again if I would do it differently. Maybe someday I'll give you all a little more info, but for the moment, I'll only tell you the story of the first time I met him. It was on an airplane and we were seated next to each other. I thought he was so cute in that academic way that I can't resist - glasses and all. We chatted through the entire flight and that was it. It was the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

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