25 August 2008

Back to School

Ugh. That pretty much sums up today. I could go into detail about waitlists and queries and level loads, but I'm exhausted just thinking about it. Suffice it to say that I looked up at the clock at 2:50pm this afternoon and thought, "Oh. My. Gosh. Where has the day gone?" I very rarely get days like that anymore. I used to have them all the time when I worked in Student Affairs. Catastrophe upon catastrophe can do that to you. Since I've moved to registration however the catastrophes tend to be few and far between.

It was the first day of school and though there was no discernible difference on my 0.7 mile trek to work, it was clearly evident by the empty shelves and dearth of carriages at Target last night. First day of school for K-12 kids and first day of school for Duke. Fortunately the Olympics are over and I can resume my normal sleep habits (poor as they are).

My top five Olympic moments:
1. The 4x100 free relay when Jason Lezak chased down Alain Bernard to give the Americans the gold and to keep Michael Phelps' gold medal hopes alive.
2. Michael Phelps beating Milorad Cavic in the fly. By .01. One one-hundredth of a second! The look on his mom's face as she sunk to her seat in awe and shock had me tear up.
3. Shawn Johnson finally getting a gold for the balance beam. Yes, Nastia is good, but she comes across as cold and haughty. Shawn is just a ray sunshine and she was always positive.
4. Sanya Richards chasing down the Russian runner on the last leg of the women's 4x400 relay. It was just a great track moment.
5. Dara Torres at 41 winning a silver medal in the 50m freestyle. She missed out on gold by .01. Point oh-one. Did I mention she's 41?

Next up? Vancouver in 2010. In the meantime, next up for me? I need to hit the books. I am way behind in my GRE studying. The math is not going to come back to me by osmosis. I should have gone out on a second date with the math whiz. At least I would have had a tutor. Just kidding. Not about the math whiz part. He was a math whiz, and I usually go for the academic type, but he was a little older than the guys I usually date and when you have to worry about whether he's older than your mom, it gets a little weird (he wasn't older than my mom, but he was pretty close).

Thoughts on the Olympics? What were your favorite moments?

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