11 May 2008

Sibling Rivalry

If you started reading this post in hopes of hearing about an argument I had with my sister, you'll have to live with disappointment. I have been slowly introducing Katia to Jack and since yesterday have allowed them to mingle with the exception of bedtime. Katia is a little exuberant for Jack's taste, but he is tolerating her okay. He only gets upset with her if she surprises him or if she gets in his face, especially while eating. Katia just wants to play. They'll figure it out.

Other news...I have decided to apply to North Carolina State University to get my doctorate, my EdD to be specific. NCSU is the only school in the area that has a program in higher education administration. Duke doesn't offer many options for degrees in education and UNC only offers programs in K-12. So, State it is. This means that I need to retake my GREs as my scores are too old. I'm a little wary of the test as I don't remember any of the math stuff. I'm not worried at all about the verbal and the writing, just the math. I've picked up a couple of prep books and will be cracking the spine on those later today. I'm hoping to be admitted to NCSU for the Fall of 2009.

I'm also planning my summer vacation - I'm looking at flying in on August 1 and staying until August 10, so keep those dates open, I'm coming to visit :)

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