14 April 2008

Wedding Crashers

Okay, so we didn't crash the wedding, it's been on everyone's calendars for months. Kelly and Korey are married!!!

Everyone had such a good time. I got to Charlotte on Friday around lunchtime. For the rehearsal dinner there was pizza and salad and the opportunity for everyone to hang out and enjoy each other's company. Fortunately my whole family was staying in the same hotel so no one had to drive after dinner. I haven't seen everyone in so long. My younger cousins, Sam, Courtney, and Jimmy are getting to be not so young anymore and they're getting so tall.

I really had a blast hanging out with everyone and it was so great to see Ally and her family. I don't get to see them nearly enough. Ally and I have a special bond - we spent so much time together as kids. All of the trouble (good and bad) I got into as a kid, I blame on Ally :) I hadn't met her youngest, Nina, and she is such a sweetheart and Richie has such a great personality. He is growing up so fast! I really need to get down to Ft. Myers more often. Maybe this fall I'll be able to go down for a visit.

The wedding on Saturday was beautiful. Everything about it was beautiful - the gowns, the reception site, the ceremony, the flowers, the cake. Kelly and Korey did such a wonderful job planning everything. After raining much of Friday night and Saturday morning, the drops dissipated around 4, and we had cloudy but dry skies for the 5 o'clock ceremony. My only wish for the weekend was that I had more time to spend with everyone. Two days was not enough and I don't get to see everyone nearly as much as I like. We accomplished what we came for though and that was to celebrate Kelly and Korey and celebrate we did.

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