21 April 2008


A distraction from data entry this morning - I checked out Nancy's blog (she is a great writer - very funny) and she had posted another meme and tagged all who read it. So here goes - Seven Random Things About Me:

1. I am a creature of habit (probably a little OCD). During the work week my morning routing is exactly the same every day. The alarm goes off at 6 and I hit snooze twice. I get out of bed and then make the bed. I head downstairs to feed Jack and make coffee. I take my vitamin then. It's back upstairs for my shower followed by getting dressed and doing my make up. I head downstairs to make my lunch to bring to work. Then breakfast and coffee along with a bit of the Today Show or Saved by the Bell while I check e-mail. Then I put the dishes in the sink head back upstairs to brush my teeth and then its off to work. It's kind of like Groundhog Day, it happens the same way every day.

2. I am addicted to Harry Potter. My brother started reading the books when I was in grad school. I never thought to look at them. I went to New Orleans to visit the Semmes (who I used to baby sit for when I was in college) and I read a few chapters of Chamber of Secrets to Joe and Robert while I was there. After 2 chapters I was hooked. When I went home for Christmas that year I read all of books 1-3 and after I was done I eagerly awaited book 4 to come out that summer. I've seen all 5 movies on opening weekend and read books 4-7 on release weekend. I have even been known on occasion to peruse fanfiction, some of it is quite good.

3. I sing in the car...loudly...the entire trip. When I used to make the trek from Rhode Island to Ohio, I would sing the entire 12 hours. I would get to my destination a little hoarse, but I always had fun.

4. Aerosmith is my all-time favorite rock band and I would go see them in concert any day.

5. My junk food weakness is chocolate. Anything chocolate - bars, kisses, cookies, ice cream. I can only keep a little in the house at the time otherwise I'd be doomed.

6. The pedigree dog adoption commercials make me cry, especially since my darling Jack was a rescue himself. I also will tear up watching Animal Precinct on Animal Planet. How anyone can neglect or abuse a defenseless animal is beyond me. I want to take them all home with me.

7. I know a lot about nothing and even auditioned once for Jeopardy (they never called - I've tested again in hopes of getting asked to audition again). I just have a good recall of random useless information, particularly in the area of entertainment. The other people in my office have taken to looking at me when a question comes up about a movie or an actor. What can I say, I like trivia.

Hmmm, who to tag...I think I'll pull a Nancy and say, consider yourself tagged if you want to play along...

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