08 March 2008

The Russia House

It's here, its finally here. My bed arrived last Tuesday. I didn't get the chance to put it together until today. I love it. I love it not only because its pretty, but because I no longer have to sleep on a mattress on the floor. Jack was curious at first, but has already curled up and napped on it this afternoon. Other pics of the apartment can be found here.

I'm happy its the weekend. This week at work was crazy busy and nothing I was trying to set up in our system seemed to go right. I got out late on Friday to an evening of torrential downpours and blasts of wind. It was still rainy this morning when I took Jack to have his claws trimmed, but the rain has stopped and sunlight is streaking through the mostly cloudy skies, although the wind is still howling like a banshee outside.

Tonight is the big game! The Tobacco Road Showdown between Duke and UNC. We won last time on the road at UNC. I'm hopeful Duke pulls out another win. On a somber note, there will be a moment of silence in Cameron Stadium before the game for Eve Carson, the UNC student body president who was murdered this last week in an apparent random act of violence as she was driving off campus early in the morning.

Last weekend I pulled my Russian texts out of the bin I've been holding them in and actually cracked them open. I'm starting at page one and have started working on reteaching myself the language. I can still read the Cyrillic alphabet (33 characters compared to 26), I just need to re-learn what the words mean. I've bought a Russian edition of €Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix and my goal is to be able to get through it and understand most of it. Yes, I'm a dork, and I still love all things Russian. If I have one regret from college it is that I didn't study abroad in St. Petersburg when I had the chance. Someday I'll get there to see the Catherine Palace and the onion domes. Someday.

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Mom said...

I love the bed! I am sure that Jack does,too.

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