07 January 2008

Missing Links

Having had this blog for a couple of months now, I thought it was time to explain a bit about the links to other blogs that I have on my page (for those of you who are interested). The first link is called "Clare". Clare's blog is written by my friend Tree and occasionally her husband Shawn. They have three adorable children, Jamie, Clare, and Simon. Clare was born with a rare congenital condition called Williams Syndrome. The blog chronicles not only how they manage Clare's medical concerns, but also their everyday life. It can be sad at times, but it is also very heartwarming and Tree and Shawn are amazing parents. "Compass North" is written by my friend Matt who is training to become part of the JAG corps (yes, like on tv). It's a good insight into officer training.

My friend Thom is the author of "Doctorally Speaking" and he is quite the wordsmith. He really has a great turn of phrase. Thom is finishing up his PhD at Purdue and this blog is chronicling the writing of his dissertation while working full time and being a husband and father. His wife, Bridget, was my grad school roommate and their son, Andrew is a real cutie.

"WWI: Experiences of an English Soldier" was one I found on-line recently. It is a posting of letters written by an English soldier exactly 90 years ago while he was fighting in WWI. The author posts them on the day the letter was written and the readers never know when the next letter will be. It's quite fascinating. For a more contemporary experience, "Five Brothers" is the blog written by Mitt Romney's five sons as they campaign for their father. It's an inside look, complete with pictures and sound bites, of the campaign experience.

"Young Family Stories" is written by my cousin Carolyn's husband, Andy and is a glimpse into life with Ben and Abbie (who are just too gosh darn cute). It's also a snapshot of life in New England, and I can say unequivocally that I do not miss shoveling snow.

For you shopping and/or "The Office" fans, "Things I've Bought That I Love" is a blog written by Mindy Kaling (Kelly on The Office). It's pretty funny and I've found some good buys. She is a hysterical writer. "The Winger" is a blog written by dancers. As a former dancer, its still nice to read up on what life is like on stage and in the wings of a profession that I loved, but knew I was never destined for. "BSC Headquarters" and "The Dairi Burger" are blogs devoted to The BabySitter's Club and Sweet Valley High respectively. A warning, BSC Headquarters has some pretty vulgar language which turns me off from reading it on occasion, but I enjoy the walk down memory lane with the books. I prefer reading The Dairi Burger as I was far more into SVH.

So there you have it - a look at my links. If any of them are of interest to you, I encourage you to check them out (I highly recommend the WWI blog). I will probably be back tomorrow with jubilation over an OSU win or utter dejection at an OSU collapse at the hands of LSU.

Good Night and GO BUCKS!!!

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