09 December 2007


It's interesting. My sister is still in touch with a group of her friends from high school. They kept in touch throughout college and after mainly via e-mail, cell phone, and IM. These were all advances in technology that were not around when I was in high school. Many weren't around when I started college. It was very exciting to get my first e-mail address when I started at Fairfield. Only the privileged few had cell phones and that didn't start to happen until I was heading into my senior year. The people I am still in touch with today that I knew in high school were people that I wrote to throughout college. Not e-mail - I'm talking about pen to paper, put it in an envelope and drop in the campus mailbox writing to each other. I still have most of the correspondence.

There are 4 individuals who I corresponded with that way. I'm still in touch, now mainly via e-mail and this wonderful blog world, with Theresa and Michaela. Its generally bi-weekly or monthly, but we still check in with each other and know whats going on. There are 2 others who I keep in touch with peripherally, through myspace and facebook. Its fascinating - I've been able to reconnect or stay in touch with so many people via these social networking websites. Its kind of like a mass communication tool. Rather than send out mass e-mails to people, they can check in with me whenever they want by checking out my site.

I was fortunate enough to make many friends and acquaintances while I was a part of NACURH, and these people criss cross the US from the east to the west. I like seeing what they are up to now. I'm closer to some more than others, but I still like hearing their news - who got married, who has kids, who went to Europe. The wonders of modern technology have made that possible. Its also possible to stay in touch with my family. Many of my cousins have facebook pages and its nice to see their bright shining faces and the pictures of our family that they have on their pages. I wish they all had pages so I could see everyone.

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