12 December 2007


Why must I spend my nights lying awake in my bed? I've tried everything - from warm milk, to meditation, to getting up and doing something else until I feel tired. It hasn't helped. I'm particular about not taking anything medicinal unless absolutely necessary, so sleeping pills are out of the question. Besides - I've attempted that in the past and they make me jumpy. The insmonia doesn't happen all the time, but there are stretches every few months where sleep is elusive and I would give anything to sleep straight through for 8 hours. It is entirely frustrating to count down the hours until you get up the next morning and know that the rest of the day is going to pass in some kind of haze. I used to think it was stress related, but I don't feel particularly stressed. Yes, its the holiday season, but my shopping is done, my decorations are up, and I am loving my new job and my new apartment. I promise that if someday I find the miracle cure for sleeplessness, I will share it.

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