31 December 2007

The Hours

That's how long I spent at the hospital yesterday. I'd been having pain in my side for a few days and was getting nervous it wasn't going away, so I went to Urgent Care. I was there for a grand total of three hours before being referred to the Duke ER to make sure it wasn't appendicitis.

I arrived at the Duke ER at 5 pm and finally walked in the door to my house a little before 3am. I didn't have appendicitis and all of the poking and prodding they did hurt a thousand times more than the pain that brought me in to the ER in the first place. It sucks having bad veins - they had to try twice to get an IV line in - they tried my arm, my elbow, my shoulder, and finally settled on my wrist. Ouch. Did I mention that getting stuck with needles makes me feel faint? I finally got the all clear after the CT scan, no appendicitis - and for any of you who have had one before, it is the weirdest feeling. Everything on the CT was fine, so they sent me home.

I woke up this morning with horrible pain in my shoulder from the attempt to draw blood from there. This pain put everything else to shame. Fortunately its getting better. Thank goodness I have never been a big new year's partier, because I am spending today curled up on the couch under my blanket.

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