20 November 2007

The Apartment

I thought I would have found it by now...I haven't. My blog is not intentionally devoid of pictures of my new apartment, my new office, or the glorious structure that is the Chapel here at Duke University. No, no, I just can't seem to put my hands on the darn cable for the camera. I had it in Louisiana because when I moved there I took pics of the apartment and uploaded them to Snapfish. Everything from the apartment got packed and moved to Durham. My mom and I did a walk-through of my apartment before we left Louisiana and there was nothing there. It has to be here...it just isn't in any of the places I have looked. Inevitably it will pop up - after I plunk down $30 for a new cable of course.

So for now, suffice it to say that I love my apartment - it reminds me of the apartment I grew up in on Dora Street, just half the size, as if they took out the hallway and the upstairs bathroom. It is in a cute little neighborhood that is 0.7 miles from work, making it quite possibly the best commute ever (not counting the jobs that required me to live on campus). Jack loves it too - so much more space to explore, although as usual, his favorite place is something a little different. His current space du jour is a box I have in my home office that is not quite done being unpacked. He just curls up in there and chills for hours at a time. He'll have to find a new one soon - I plan on unpacking the rest of that box next week.

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