26 October 2007

Fugitive Pieces

My apartment is in complete and utter disarray. I can't stand it. Granted, its all essential to the moving process. My life in boxes...again. Hopefully this next move is the last one for a long time. This does ring somewhat hollow since this is what I said when I moved to Louisiana just 9 months ago. I just didn't realize Louisiana was going to be so far from home.

When I first moved to Louisiana I got many questions from well-meaning people about adjusting to the weather and I am sure some of the people I leave behind will think that I couldn't take the heat...literally. That's not it. Yes, the summer was interminably long and humid. I have to say, I have read a great many books in my time and more than a fair few describe this humidity as sultry; as if there was a sensuality and steaminess to it. I can tell you that the humidity I experienced was nowhere near sultry. It's just heavy and it hangs there. I won't miss it.

I also got several questions about culture-shock. There were some things that I needed to get used to, I readily admit to that. I was born and raised in predominantly Catholic Rhode Island. Religion here is a completely different thing. It's advertised everywhere, there are billboards and commercials and tv spots. It sponsors the morning weather. There are a lot of guns...rifles, etc. I saw a television commercial for something called "the back-up" which essentially is a gun rack that attaches to your bed. There is nothing wrong with any of this, it was just new and different. The food is different. Cajun, creole, its all excellent - there is catfish instead of cod, crawfish instead of crab, and lots of shrimp. None of it ever clicked though, except for the cooking.

I never felt home. Short of actually being home, the place I like the best is North Carolina. So I decided to move there. This is why my apartment is in disarray. In two weeks I head out for Durham, North Carolina, for a new job, and a new place. Two weeks to wrap up too many things, say good-bye to my wonderful staff, and put the rest of my life in boxes.

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