15 February 2019

Friday Favorites

TGIF!  I am looking forward to a mostly low key weekend - how about you?  I've got a facial scheduled, a family birthday party, and an Ikea trip lined up, but other than that, I'm looking forward to some down time.

Since Wednesday's post was all about Pregnancy and Fitness, I thought for Friday Favorites this week, I would highlight some of my favorite workout gear right now that is working for me as I'm around the 18 week mark.

14 February 2019

Fitness & Pregnancy

Let's talk fitness today.  One of the things I am most nervous about this pregnancy is weight gain and staying active.  I already think about post-partum and how to lose the weight.  After losing 100 pounds, maintaining a healthy weight will always be at the forefront of my mind.

11 February 2019

Life Lately

Is it me or does the weekend go by way too fast?  I'm already missing football, is it time for the new season yet?  


Pregnancy Update - Week 17

08 February 2019

Friday Favorites - Maternity Wear

Happy Friday!  Who is ready for the weekend?  I know I am.  Mr. Fisher and I have early Valentine's dinner reservations Saturday night.  I've got breakfast plans with friends and other than that, it's going to be a nice low-key weekend.

As I'm now almost 17 weeks along, some maternity wear is in order.  Especially pants.  I've rounded up some of my favorites from some of my favorite stores to share with you all on the cold, North Texas Friday.

06 February 2019

10 Things to Tell You - When Do You Read?

As I mentioned yesterday, Laura Tremaine has a new podcast based on her blog - 10 Things To Tell You.  Each week she gives a prompt.  Listeners are then encouraged to journal, or blog, or engage on social media, or chat with your friends about the prompt.  It's a great listen and I absolutely love Laura.  Especially when the first topic was revealed.

When Do You Read?

05 February 2019

Life Lately

Good Morning!  Thank you for indulging my day off yesterday - I was in Super Bowl Mode on Sunday.  Did I mention, my team won?

Let's start today's post with our GIVEAWAY WINNER!

04 February 2019

We Won!!!!

We won!!!!

My Patriots won the Super Bowl!  Woohoo! 

Admittedly it was not the most exciting Super Bowl, but I don't care how they got the win.

Because of the Super Bowl, I'll be back tomorrow with regularly scheduled programming.


01 February 2019

Friday Favorites - Valentine's Day!

Hooray for Friday!  Has this felt like an epic week to you all?  It has for me.  By the end of Monday it felt like it should have been Wednesday.  

But here we are and my PATRIOTS are playing in the Super Bowl on Sunday!  Woohoo!

Now, we all know Valentine's Day is coming up.  Mr. Fisher and I don't usually do gifts on the day, maybe a card, but we celebrate by going out to eat.  Usually on the weekend when Valentine's Day falls during the week.

For those of you that do celebrate with gifts, I've got a few ideas.

30 January 2019

What's Up Wednesday

It's Wednesday!  And the last Wednesday of the month!  That means it's time for What's Up Wednesday.  This is a monthly link up hosted by Shay and Sheaffer and is a fun recap of the last month.

Before I hop into what we've been up to this past January, I want to remind you about the GIVEAWAY that posted yesterday.  You can win this gorgeous Stella & Dot necklace. 

Head over to yesterday's post to enter!

 Back to our regularly scheduled blog post!

29 January 2019

Because I Love You...

To thank you all for being loyal, valuable readers as I leap back into blogging, I thought it would be a good time for a

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