09 October 2020

Friday Favorites


Happy Friday!  Y'all, this was such an exciting week in our house.  Our new Peloton arrived.  I am so excited.  It's been two days and I've ridden three times.


07 October 2020

Life Lately


Hello!  Happy Wednesday Friends!  I hope this week is treating you well.  I can't believe it's Wednesday already.  I picked up Henry's Halloween costume over the weekend and it is so stinking cute.  I can't wait for costume day at his school so I can take pics.  

We're still living that low-key COVID life, but here's a peek at what we've been up to lately!

02 October 2020

Friday Favorites - Amazon Prime


Hello there Friday - so good to see you.  This was a crazy week.  Monday and Tuesday were super quiet work wise and then the rest of the week has just been busy, busy, busy.

I don't know about you, but I do a lot of shopping on Prime. Working full time with a busy toddler, sometimes it is just easier (and quicker) to order on Prime and it show up on my doorstep.  Living in DFW with a huge Amazon hub, stuff gets here FAST.

Prime Day is October 13 & 14 this year and I know I am already scouting some deals - especially with an eye on some potential Christmas gifts.  If you don't have Amazon Prime, you can sign up for 30-day free trial!

30 September 2020

What's Up Wednesday


Happy Wednesday All!  It is the last day of September and we are one day away from my favorite month of the year - OCTOBER.  October is the height of Fall, it's also the month of my wedding anniversary, and I just think of fun sweaters, falling leaves, a crisp breeze in the air.  Is there anything better than October?
Before we get to October though, let's wrap up September, shall we?  I'm linking up with Shay and Sheaffer for What's Up Wednesday. 

18 September 2020

Friday Favorites - Curly Hair Faves


Happy Friday!  I made the excellent decision a few weeks ago to request today off as a vacation day.  Present day Nichole is thanking past Nichole for that choice.
I recently found an amazing product that my curls are loving so I thought for this week's Friday Favorites I'd round up my favorite curly hair necessities.
argan oil shampoo and conditioner

16 September 2020

Amazon Lately


Amazon has been a lifesaver during quarantine.  Between working full-time and life with an on-the-go toddler, there is just little opportunity to run out and do this quick errands.  Here's some of the things that we've purchased lately that have been great finds.

11 September 2020

Friday Favorites - Cozy Things


We made it to Friday and not a moment too soon!  While I love a long weekend, I also dislike the cramming of 5 days worth of work into 4 days.  But the weekend is upon us!

10 September 2020

Recipe: My Morning Smoothie


One of my go to breakfasts for years has been a smoothie.  I find them satisfying and filling and I like that I can sip on them over the course of the morning.  Here's how I make mine.

08 September 2020

Life Lately


Happy Tuesday!  I hope you all had a great weekend.  We were mostly low key, but did venture out to the Dallas Zoo for a couple of hours on Sunday.  Here's a peek at what life lately has looked like (COVID edition).

I feel like we are at this point in 2020 right now, especially because Fall and Winter are my favorite seasons.

cat | dog

These two have been Henry's favorite companions lately.  They alternate between his room and the living room.  They're soft and squishy and my kid has always been a sucker for a stuffed animal.

31 August 2020

Recipe: Chicken and Date Salad

 Happy Monday!  Let's start the week with a recipe.  I love a good salad.  Now, I'm not one of those people who say I prefer a salad over ice cream, but I love a good salad for lunch or dinner.  Normally I would say, you can't beat a good restaurant salad.  There's some secret sorcery there, however, I feel that this salad rivals a restaurant salad.  It's hearty and delicious and has all the flavors.

Chicken and Date Salad

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