22 January 2018

Life Lately

Weekends go by too quickly, don't they?  There wasn't anything crazy or out of the ordinary about this one, but it felt like it flew by.

Last week was crazy busy at work - Tuesday was the first day of class and we were swarmed with students.  The beginning of a new semester is always exciting, a little crazy, and very exhausting.  But I love how it's filled with promise.

Here's a peek into our life last week (including my new favorite clutch)  #sogood

19 January 2018

Friday Favorites - Valentine's Day Gifts

Who else is excited for Friday!  #raiseallthehands

The first week of class can be crazy, but I finally was able to get my travel squared away for a trip in February.  I get back from Nashville on February 14, which got me thinking about Valentine's Day and then I realized how close it is.  We probably won't celebrate until the weekend and I'm pretty sure we're going to The Keg.

During lunch today, I started browsing for gifts and here are my favorites that I found.

17 January 2018

Life Lately and a Surprise Trip!

Hello All!  I know this post usually goes up on Monday, but I have a great reason for not posting.  Mr. Fisher and I flew out to Rhode Island for the weekend to surprise my mama for her birthday.  And it worked!  She was so surprised.  I had to basically disengage from social media though regarding anything related to the weekend so she wouldn't be suspicious.

And that's why y'all get Life Lately on Wednesday.

Happy Birthday Mama!

12 January 2018

Friday Favorites - Skincare After 40

Hello friends!  Happy Friday!  This week I have the skincare post I promised you.  As many of you know, I turned 40 last year.  And am halfway to 41!  Eek!   With that, my skin has started the usual aging process that happens to all of us.  

10 January 2018

How We Wednesday - New Year Goals/Resolutions

Last year I linked up as part of Shay and Erika's "Workin' It Wednesday" series.  This year, the series is "How We Wednesday".  Once a month, I'll share with you how I do something.  For January, I'm sharing How I Do Goals/Resolutions.

09 January 2018

Stella & Dot Style - Spring Launch

Y'all.  I am so excited to share this post with you!  The Stella & Dot Spring Launch happened last Friday and OMG.  I want all the things.  

You can find all the new items at my site.  If you need help choosing something or ordering, please let me know.

Now, on to the good stuff!

08 January 2018

Life Lately

Hi friends!  Monday seems to have rolled around again.  Why does the weekend go so fast?  Here's a peek into what we did last week.

05 January 2018

Five for Friday - All the Cozy Things

Oh thank heavens it's Friday.  The first week back after break is tough.  We had crazy busy lines at our front counter, which was a blessing in disguise because it gave me ideas on how to improve how we provide some of our services.  But now it's Friday, and the weekend, and after 5, I don't need to worry about being all dressed up again until Monday.  Which has me dreaming of all the cozy things.

Y'all.  It has been COLD here in Texas.  Yes, yes, I know my Northeast readers just got a huge amount of snow dumped on them.  But I live in Texas for a reason - and that is so I don't deal with prolonged periods of cold.  Until now.  I had another post planned about skincare at 40, but I've pushed that to next Friday.  Right now, I want to talk about all the warm and cozy things.  Right?

Here are my favorite cozy things right now:

03 January 2018

Winter Favorites - What I Get Asked About

It's the third day of 2018, aka Wednesday. Also known as the day I go back to work after Winter Break.  It's always a sad day.  I thought I'd cheer myself up by sharing with you all the items that I have been asked the most about you all the last couple of months.  And to be honest, they are a few of my favorites lately too!

01 January 2018

Happy New Year/Goals for 2018

Happy New Year Friends!  I hope the holidays were good to you all.  Mr. Fisher and I loved spending our first Christmas in the new house.  It was fun to decorate and enjoy the new space.  Fortunately we are all moved in and unpacked so we really could just enjoy it and not feel like we were living out of boxes.

But it's January 1st!  And as much as there were so many great things about 2017 - a wedding! Hawaii! a new house!  I will be excited for a slower pace in 2018.  With that said, I've been giving some serious thoughts to my goals for 2018.  Here are the ones I've settled on for this year:

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