26 August 2016

Friday Favorites - Barre Edition

Yay for Friday!  This week was tough y'all.  #notgonnalie

Registration ended Monday and the rest of the week has been spent cleaning up schedules and double checking to make sure my students are where they are supposed to be #ireallywishtheywouldreadtheiremail

My saving grace this week has been barre class #mynewobsession #iloveit

Non-stop fifty-minutes and I am working my core, my legs, my arms, and after a month I am seeing a difference, especially in my core.  Pure Barre Las Colinas is my happy place.  This week's Friday Favorites is all about barre (and work out gear of course).


Let's start with the studio - Pure Barre Las Colinas is about 8 minutes from my apartment which is incredibly convenient.  It opened in a new plaza on Macarthur in Las Colinas (Irving, TX) and I have been stalking it for months, as soon as I saw they were putting one in.  I went for a free class opening weekend and I was hooked.

The owner is Niki and she is amazing.  She is encouraging, fun, and she loves her clients.  I've taken class with her and also with Megan, Kelly, and Chelsea.  I would recommend all of them.  My favorite is the 5:15am class.  It leaves me feeling energized and feeling good about the day.


I still run, so please don't think that I've given that up.  I try to get to barre class 4 times a week and then run 3 days a week.  I'm still getting my cardio and Phillip and I still race.  I think we're going to do the Toro Dash in November.  What I wear for barre is different than what I wear for running.  Running is very jarring, so I have particular pants, sports bras, and tops that I like to wear - many of which I've highlighted here.  Barre is a lot more fluid, more like dance, so I like to wear long leggings, more yoga type sports bras than the more maximum support bras, you get the drift.

For barre, I prefer the long leggings (when I run I prefer capris), all the way to the ankle and my absolute favorites are the live-in leggings from Zella (nordstrom's activewear line).  They are so comfortable and provide just the right amount of support #andtheymakemybuttlookgood #justbeinghonest

They have a few options to choose from and if you prefer capris, they have those too.

                                     leggings                 leggings                 crops


The most important thing I pick when I grab workout gear is my sports bra because nothing else matters if that doesn't fit or provide the support I need.

Because I'm not running or doing high intensity cardio, even though I'm larger chested, I can get away with a light or medium support bra during barre class.  I really love the ones designed for yoga or pilates.  This one is one of my favorites:

You can find all zella sports bras here.

More of my favorites:

                                       pulse                    tempo                   breathe 


For tops, I love something that's hip length and sleeveless, so racer back tanks are my go-to for class.  My hands down favorite is the Racer tank from Zella.

Isn't that blue color gorgeous?

Some of the fun though are the "barre themed" tanks you can buy.  Amazon has some cute options:

                                   barre crawl                tacos                 barre belle

I think the tacos & tequila one is my favorite!

If you haven't tried a barre class yet, I cannot recommend it enough.  Check out a studio near you and if you are in the Irving, TX area, check out Pure Barre Las Colinas

That's it for this week friends!  Enjoy your weekend and I'll see you all back here next week.  I can't believe it's September and I might have a give-away up my sleeve...


24 August 2016

Life Lately

Happy Wednesday!  We are halfway through the week!  I'm going through Olympics withdrawal...how about you all?  Did the kiddos get off to school okay?  Registration for our Fall term ended Monday, so Tuesday was the day we dealt with all the panicked phone calls and tomorrow we are closed for Professional Development.

Needless to say, last week was crazy workwise, but here's a peek into what's been going on in our world.

These came in!  Our park passes for Disney.  We are 23 days away from our trip to Disney World.  I've already told my boss I am turning my email off on my phone while I'm gone.  We are so excited.  I'm love Disney, but I'm also excited to see it with my niece and experience all the fun and magic with her.

We've been watching a lot of this.  Once swimming finished, we turned our attention to track and field.  I am always amazed at the sportsmanship - like the American runner who tripped and fell with the New Zealand runner and despite a torn ACL (what!) she got up and told the other runner, "it's the Olympics, we have to finish" and finished the race with her.  It's moments like this that capture the true Olympic spirit.

I've already mentioned my obsession with barre classes in a previous post, it's become part of my weekly routine.  I'm trying to get to 3 or 4 classes a week #sweatingforthewedding #lifttoneburn #purebarrelascolinas

And then these came in!  Our luggage tags for the Disney Magical Express that will take us from the airport to the resort!  Last Sunday we had a facetime conference call with the rest of the family to plan the final details.  Have I mentioned it's 23 days away??? 

Spending the last two weeks on the couch watching the Olympics every night, Kate has spent several of them with us.  She curls up next to me and chills out.  #shesnotalapcat #neitherisjack #iwishoneofthemwere

Ummm, and then we watched more Olympics.  Are you sensing a theme here?  It's pretty much been all Olympics all the time around here when we're not working or trying to get ahead so we can relax when we're at Disney.  This was one of the volleyball medal matches.  We even watched the marathon on Sunday.  

I was trying to work on some things on Sunday and my other #notalapcat decided to join me.  He's been very sweet lately.  It comes and goes.  Some weeks he's super sweet and social and wants to love on you, and then some weeks you look at him and he skitters away.  

I take a 5:15am class two mornings a week.  These are led by the owner of the studio.  Her name is Niki and she rocks.  I love starting my day with one of her classes.

 top (similar) | jeans (similar) | shoes | watch | essential fringe necklace | alila earrings

 Saturday date night outfit for delicious Mexican food at Gloria's.

Deciding between the Brisket Tacos or the Tacos al Carbon.  I went with the Garlic Shrimp.  #sodelicious #getthechipsandsalsa

And then we wrapped up the week with more Olympics, including NBC's highlight reel and the closing ceremonies.  My favorite opening and closing of the last few Olympics has been Beijing.  Rio did an okay job, but China knocked it out of the park when they hosted.

What are we going to do now that the Olympics are over?  I'm going to finish a couple of books and I'm taking another Spanish class this semester.  And count down the days til Disney.  #23days

Enjoy the rest of your week!  See you back here Friday for Friday favorites.


22 August 2016

Date Night

Happy Monday Friends!  Time to ease into another week.  For those of you with kiddos heading back to school this week, I wish you luck and lots of coffee.  I thought I'd ease into the week with a recap of our date night Saturday night.

 clutch | shoes | jeans (similar) | top (similar) | essential fringe necklace

Saturday night is the night we typically go out for dinner.  We try and limit ourselves to one dinner out per week and cook the rest at home. This Saturday we opted for Gloria's.   There are several in the DFW area, but a new one opened up in Southlake and that's where we found ourselves.  Fortunately the rain had cleared out and it was a pretty nice evening.  Not oppressively hot and the rain had pretty much gone.

Gloria's has Mexican and Salvadoran food.  Usually I go for tacos or flautas because of course #tacosareneverabadidea.  This time though, I went for the grilled shrimp with garlic and rice and oh. my. stars.  It was so delicious.  Phillip went with one of his usuals, tacos al carbon.  My favorite thing about Gloria's though is the chips and salsa. They bring out a fresh red salsa, it has a little heat to it, but nothing too bad, but the other - I can't even it's so delicious.  It's blended black bean dip/salsa and it comes warm.  It's the thing I look forward to most.

Pretending like he doesn't know what he's going to order #tacos
 I like to dress up a little bit when we go out to dinner.  Nothing crazy, but a dressier shoe, a pretty top, and some great accessories.  Because here's the deal - it gets hot in Texas but it's usually very cold in restaurants and such so you need to find a balanced outfit.  The jeans keep me warm, but the top is summery.  This blue tank really pops and the gold Stella & Dot jewelry adds a nice finish.


Sorry for the seatbelt in the shot, but we were in the truck already, ha.  I went a little extra with the make-up though and wanted to give you a peek at what it looked like. One of the people I follow on YouTube is JamiePaigeBeauty.  This is her "summer going out look", and I love it.  I've worn this particular make-up look at least 5 times this summer and it never fails.  You can find the tutorial here.   

The exciting people we are, after dinner we headed back home to watch more of the Olympics #olympicsgeeks #teamUSA.  We are suckers for track and field so to watch almost a whole evening of it was right up our alley.  A glass of wine, some Olympics, and a delicious dinner from Gloria's - a perfect date night.

19 August 2016

Friday Favorites

I don't know about you all, but I am ready for the weekend.  This was a really long week and at the moment my absolute favorite thing is my bed #truth #sotired #4weekstilvacation


I am addicted to barre class.  I love it.  I go to Pure Barre in Las Colinas and I love everything about it.  I love the workout I'm getting, I love the instructors, I love how I feel when I walk out after.  It is my favorite thing right now.

These booties.  Now, I'm not usually a booties kind of girl.  I might make an exception for these.  The color is gorgeous and I am in love with the strap detail around the ankle.  How cute will these be this fall?



I have been using Lancome skin products for ages.  This moisturizer has been my go-to for years.  It's not greasy or heavy and I don't feel like it's sitting on my skin.  

While almost all of my skincare is Lancome, I love this fresh black tea eye cream.  I have seen a noticeable difference with the fine lines around my eyes since I have been using this.


These are, hands down, the world's most comfortable pajamas.  These PJ Salvage pajamas will make you want to stay in your pjs all day.  The jersey is super soft.  #trustme #socozy
If you haven't bought a pair of kate spade glitter studs yet, you should.  They just add pop to any outfit - dresses for work, t-shirts and jeans, they work with everything.  I love them so much, I want to add these to my kate spade stud earring collection:

How gorgeous are these abalone stones?  So pretty - I could see wearing them with my plaid shirts, skinny jeans, and boots this fall. 

 This is the last week of the Olympics #sniff.  We've watched every night, even the nights the Cowboys and Patriots have had pre-season football games.  Phillip and I love watching Olympics. I'll be sad when the games come to a close on Sunday.
 That's what I'm loving this week!  What are your recent favorites?  Comment below and have a great weekend y'all!

17 August 2016

Life Lately

This week has been kind of all over.  Crazy busy at work and trying to stay on top of everything.  It's just that time of year - back to school and working at a college that has open enrollment means this time of year is extra crazy.

I've been trying to stick to my workouts and I've added a new one to the rotation.  A Pure Barre opened near us in Las Colinas and they were offering free classes the first weekend they opened so I gave it a try.  I loved it.  It's my new favorite. I wish I could go every day.

Little Miss here is infatuated with Elena of Avalor, the new Disney Princess.  She's "fancy".  When I was visiting a couple weekends ago, I let her pick out an Elena Tshirt, and then she saw the jewelry.  Of course, Auntie Nichole said ok, we'll get the jewelry too, ha ha.


This handsome guy prepared dinner Sunday night.  Taco salad, it was delicious.  Please note that I just wanted to capture the moment.  We're actually pretty good at dividing up the cooking responsibilities.  I usually cook Sunday evening, but he had the inspiration for taco salad and wanted to do the cooking that night.  I wasn't going to argue :)

Contrary to popular belief, I was not close to running out of gas.  I still had 75 miles to go!  I refilled shortly after that.  I'm usually better at getting a refill before the light comes on, I promise #ohweusedtoletitgetsolowwhenwewereteenagers

 Saturday we went to see Suicide Squad.  It was not great.  I thought Margot Robbie and Will Smith did a great job, but they were saddled with a terrible script.  Our evening got considerably better when we went to dinner.  Souk, at Trinity Groves, was a new choice for us.  We've walked past it before, but we finally tried it Saturday night and holy cow it was the most delicious meal.  So flavorful.  Very Moroccan and the interior was cozy and interesting - something new to look at wherever you looked. And then we hit up Cake Bar before we left TG.  #sogood #gettheoldfashioned #trustme

After Cake Bar, we made our way home for Game Night.  It was a Yahtzee kind of night with the Olympics on in the background.  We each won a game, so we were still talking to each other afterwards #wearesocompetitive

And have I mentioned the Olympics???  Both Phillip and I LOVE the Olympics.  He kind of tunes out when I make him watch gymnastics, but otherwise we are into it. #teamUSA

Sunday I did a little planning and finished the Save the Dates

And then this happened.  Where am I?  Yeah, it was 77 degrees when I got home from work Monday night.  I opened the balcony door it was so nice.

So nice, that Jack and Kate immediately camped out on the balcony for the rest of the evening.  I had to physically go out there and get Jack when we were locking up for the night.

And then there was this.  Chow Mein.  Not just any Chow Mein, but Fall River style Chow Mein.  I was talking to my grandmother about it on the phone a couple of weeks ago and then when she did her grocery shopping while I was in RI a couple of weeks ago, she got me a couple of boxes.  I was in heaven. #nostalgia #grandmasfavorite #andyesimeanme
 That's a peek into life lately!  Come back Friday for Friday Favorites - see you then...